Happily ensconced at my camp site, I went for a walk this morning despite the chill temperature. Along a path there were berries not yet harvested by swarms of grackles, and rose hips. Rose hip sightings always bring to mind my Yellowknife author friend Jamie Bastedo. When our young family lived in that sub-arctic community two decades ago, he would gather those interested and guide nature hikes. While calling out “Hello bears!” to frighten any away, he shared anecdotes and showed us Labrador tea, cloud berries, rose hips, and more. I still can’t tell a cloud berry from any other, but rose hips are distinctive enough to stick in my increasingly unreliable memory.

Busy day ahead! After a little more work on my WIP, I will climb a ladder and get back to scraping and recaulking. Yesterday went well, though much of the silicone ended up on my work clothes. My handy woman work is just as messy as my first drafts.

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