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Good morning, Universe

This morning, my brain and the universe gave me a nudge. I awoke at 3:45, and after all my usual relaxation tricks failed to send me back to Nod, I moved to the sofa to avoid waking my honey. About to drop off around 4:30, the phone rang. Skip-the-Dishes. They didn’t have the potato chip flavour I asked for but would something or other … Read More Good morning, Universe

Rose Hips

Happily ensconced at my camp site, I went for a walk this morning despite the chill temperature. Along a path there were berries not yet harvested by swarms of grackles, and rose hips. Rose hip sightings always bring to mind my Yellowknife author friend Jamie Bastedo. When our young family lived in that sub-arctic community two decades ago, he would gather those interested and … Read More Rose Hips


I must have uploaded the newspaper article below last year to WordPress, but didn’t post. W.D. Valgardson is a gem, as is Stefan Jonasson, editor of Lögberg-Heimskringla, and Lorna Tergesen, who organized the event and is such a support to MB authors, especially those of Icelandic descent. Missing Gimli today. I’ve been back in the city to take care of a few things, hoping … Read More Skilz

“Sometimes Hurt Kids find Good Places”

A review by author W.D. Valgardson of Forgetting How to Breathe in the April 14 edition of Canadian Icelandic newspaper, Lögberg-Heimskringla.

A new page

Many years ago, when weblogs had just become a “thing,” I kept a blog page on my website. Every day I would write whatever came to mind–usually a memory triggered by something seen or heard on my daily walk. I stopped blogging after joining social media sites. Fast forward many more years, and I am sick to death of social media. The connection it … Read More A new page