I must have uploaded the newspaper article below last year to WordPress, but didn’t post. W.D. Valgardson is a gem, as is Stefan Jonasson, editor of Lögberg-Heimskringla, and Lorna Tergesen, who organized the event and is such a support to MB authors, especially those of Icelandic descent.

Missing Gimli today. I’ve been back in the city to take care of a few things, hoping the side-seams on my RV hold up under recent deluges of (much needed) rain. We bought our 1996 Thor Chateau on a Gimli seasonal site last year, with more than a few concerns about its age, especially with our/my lack of upkeep knowledge. Thankfully, an angel named George (who maintains many of the RVs in the park, including ours) and lovely neighbours, Doris and Dave, are near to offer advice. This summer has been about moisture proofing. I had the roof professionally redone (painted/sealed), and have begun removing the old caulk and redoing side seams. Earlier this year I learned about faucets, washers and y-joints, and how to dye my bedroom carpet (thank you, Youtube).

Small stuff for most, maybe, but this word-girl is thankful to learn basic handy-woman skills. Better late than never–except when it comes to keeping water out of an RV. Really hoping those old seams hold up until I can get back up.

Time to write.

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