Many years ago, when weblogs had just become a “thing,” I kept a blog page on my website. Every day I would write whatever came to mind–usually a memory triggered by something seen or heard on my daily walk. I stopped blogging after joining social media sites.

Fast forward many more years, and I am sick to death of social media. The connection it offers is appreciated, but I am weary of the negative content one can’t help but see along with the good. In May, after I finished my term as Chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada, I quit Instagram, TikTok and Tumblr, and temporarily (likely) discontinued my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I don’t miss it. Last week I cancelled my Goodreads account. All of these sites had lovely elements, but were ultimately toxic to my psyche and creativity.

Everything old is new again. Maybe. I’ve turned my former “News” page on this website into a posts page. A weblog. Why not? The pandemic has killed my desire to tour and visit schools, and so there will be no appearances to mention. Here, I will muse, discuss craft, or simply warm up for the day’s writing. I’ve a new middle grade novel coming out next spring with the second in the series to follow some time after.

Enough chat. Good morning! Time to work.

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