In-person presentations have been suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, however virtual presentations are available. 

Tell Me a Story

Anita is available for regular weekly virtual drop-in chapter readings.


Anita will talk about elements to consider when adapting a novel to film.

Complimentary visit with classroom or homeschool novel study and use of complimentary guide.

Just over 60 pages.

Presentations: book specific

Forgetting How to Breathe

Grade 4 to 9, 45-60 minutes (adjustable)

In an Icelandic community in the heart of Canada, 13-year-old Tia is angry. Her mother has disappeared and she and her eight-year-old brother, Tag, have been sent to yet another foster home, this one at the edge of Lake Winnipeg with a family and “fake mom” that feels smothering. Tia feels more isolated and farther away from her mother than ever. She desperately tries to convince her brother to return to the city where they will find Mama, and reunite their family. But when a freak spring snowstorm and a herd of runaway horses lead her to the Ice Pony Ranch and Animal Rescue Centre, Tia is offered a job that might just change everything.

Reading, plus discussion on author process, genealogy, Icelandic settler history, migration, immigration. Multi-media. Q & A

“Anita Held the audience spellbound.” – Lögberg-Heimskringla 

Itty Bitty Bits

K to Grade 3, 30-40 Minutes

Molly can’t have her friend come for a sleepover until she cleans her messy room. She thinks it’s impossible to do it herself, so she asks her sister, her brother, her father, even


the family dog, Indiana Bones for help. But each is feeling overwhelmed by their own big projects. She goes to her “think-spot” under the “weepy” willow tree, where she spies a tiny ant and observes how he tackles a big task. Molly zooms home to clean and on the way she shares this confident message with her family. “You can do it! Yes, you can! Just make like an ant and get the job done, itty bitty bit by itty bitty bit.”

Reading, puppetry, music and problem solving. Q & A.

“Anita delighted K-3 students and teachers with her book and song as she played the ukulele. She is a thoroughly delightful and engaging presenter.” – The Nanton News


Negotiable per size of school and creative circumstance

TELL ME A STORY weekly virtual readings: $500 for the complete novel.

VIRTUAL PRESENTATION $300 (subsidy may be available)

Please make sure the books she is presenting are available to your students in your classroom and/or school library. Workshops also available.

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